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cropped-pivots-logo-web.pngWelcome to Pivot Digital Media

Pivot Digital Media is a strategic Digital Marketing firm focused on making business owners successful around the world through internet marketing solutions. We help brands and brand owners to achieve amazing results through content marketing methods and digital channels.

#thePivots provides services in Digital Marketing including Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Sponsored posts (content) and Website Services. In a nutshell, we help boost businesses to the next level through pragmatic insights and solutions.

At #thePivots we partner with you to improve the effectiveness of your online people.


Pivot Digital Media is a strategic transformation firm specializing in Social Media Analysis, Content Creation, Content Coaching, Ad Management, Social Media Promotion, Events, Video/photography and Graphic Designing.

We work with CEOs and senior teams in leading organizations in Africa, the US, and Europe to define and develop new ways of doing business and position their organization for sustained success through Digital Marketing.

Through our experience in working with many organizations involved in Digital Media, #thePivots has developed proven approaches and methodologies to help business shorten the cycle from strategy to execution, mobilize their teams and reduce the operational risks and disruptions associated with major digital organizational change.


At #thePivots, we understand the dynamics of social media change as it relates to organizations and other emerging industries. Our consultants have in-depth experience working with major Ghanaian and global companies in these sectors. Given their grasp of the dynamics of these industries, they can rapidly contribute to the development of new avenues for growth, inspire different ways for the organization to act and optimize operations through Digital Media.


Our consultants work with CEOs and senior teams to define and develop new ways of doing business via Digital Media platforms as well as bring together the capabilities of strategy and innovation, business and organizational design and change in a unique way to accelerate the implementation of change in complex organizations.



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Our Radio: www.bjrlivefm.com

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For anything else, kindly reach us via email: thepivotmedia@gmail.com

Thanks For Your Cooperation.



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